Monday, January 31, 2005

Official Launch Press Release of Capitalism 2

Ubi Soft Entertainment Announces Launch of Trevor Chan's Capitalism II

San Francisco, CA - December 17, 2001 - Ubi Soft Entertainment today announced the launch Trevor Chan's Capitalism II. Sequel to the award-winning Capitalism, Trevor Chan's Capitalism II is a realistic and comprehensive business simulation that features dynamically modeled city economic systems, vivid 3D graphics, and robust multiplayer options designed to test even the sharpest business acumen.

Trevor Chan's Capitalism II features two new campaigns, The Entrepreneur's Campaign and The Capitalist's Campaign, plus a Custom mode that allows players to define game parameters such as start-up capital, the number of competitors and their expertise, and quantity and quality of imported products. Choose from a pool of over 60 product types to manufacture and bring to market. Begin your gameplay with sequenced tutorials designed to maximize your learning potential. Game matching services are available at Ubi Soft's Gaming Zone at Additional product features include:

Build a headquarters for your company and execute corporate-wide training programs. Allocate resources to brand promotion, public and investor relations, and your company's stock.

Economic systems are not only dynamic, but complex as well. Labor cost and cost of living will vary from city to city, providing an incentive to set up production in areas of low overhead, while exporting to cities with a wealthier consumer base.
Develop your own technology or acquire it from another company. Sell your technology to competitors for a tidy profit.
Hire and fire senior management staff such as Chief Operating Officers, Chief Marketing
Officers and Chief Technical Officers
Build an array of retail stores - from mega-discount stores to specialty stores - each with its distinct advantage for your business strategy. A new streamlined interface eases locating suppliers and store set-up.
Take on the title of Real Estate Mogul by building apartments and commercial buildings in pricey downtown locations. Flourishing businesses and busy traffic will increase the area's land values.
Expand your corporation into a true conglomerate; get ink on your fingers and take to the airwaves with your newspaper publishers, and TV and radio stations.
Build your dream mansion with the fortune that you have made in the business world.
New multiplayer games for up to seven players offer intense competition from opponents around the world. Play online at or via TCP/IP or IPX compliant networks.

About Ubi SoftUbi Soft Entertainment is a global producer, publisher and international distributor of interactive entertainment products. A leading company in the industry, Ubi Soft's strong and diversified lineup has grown considerably. As well as developing original properties, Ubi Soft has also steadfastly partnered with several high-profile companies and is dedicated to delivering to consumers quality videogame titles while offering blockbuster franchises. Some of Ubi Soft's recent licenses include Disney, Warner Bros., DreamWorks and Sony Pictures. Founded in 1986, the company has offices in 18 countries including the United States, Canada, France, Germany and China and sells its products in a total of 52 countries. For more information about Ubi Soft, visit or call 1-800-UBI-SOFT.